Results of the Alaska pollock fishery A season in 2019

April 25, 2019 16:42

In accordance with the Fishery Regulations for the Far Eastern Fisheries Basin, the APO fishery in the West Kamchatka and Kamchatka-Kurilу subzones of the Sea of Okhotsk was completed on March 31, 2019. On April 10, 2019, the pollock fishery in the North Okhotsk subarea was officially closed. Thus, the season A “pollock fishery” in Russia was officially completed in 2019.

The Alaska pollock catch from January 1 to April 10, 2019 in all areas of the Far East Fishery Basin amounted to 944.9 thousand tonnes, 3% or 25 thousand tonnes up on 2018 (920 thousand tonnes).

The catch in the West Bering Sea zone amounted to 1,300 tons. Catches in the Petropavlovsk-Commander subzone decreased by 1% to 27,400 tonnes. The APO catch in the Kuriles decreased to 32,400 tonnes, 26% down on the results of the “A” season last year – 43,900 tonnes. In the Karaginsk subzone catches amounted to 800 tons.

At the end of the “A” season, the pollock catch in the Sea of Okhotsk (three subzones) amounted to 841,400 tonnes, 2% (16,600 tonnes) up on last year. The catch in the North Okhotsk subzone amounted to 316,800 tonnes, 9% down on last year. The catch in the combined area of the Kamchatka-Kurile and West Kamchatka subzones was 524,500 tonnes, 6% or 29,000 tonnes up on last year.


The total allowable catch (TAC) of Alaska pollock for 2019 is set at 1,809.8 thousand metric tons, 1.6% or 28.5 thousand tonnes down on 2018 (1,781.3 thousand tonnes).

In the Sea of Okhotsk the TAC for 2019 is 1090 thousand tonnes, 16.8 thousand tonnes up on 2018 (1,073.2 thousand tonnes). This volume is distributed by fishing subzones as follows: West Kamchatka - 347.1 thousand tonnes, Kamchatka-Kurile - 269.8 thousand tonnes, North Okhotsk Sea - 347.1 thousand tonnes and East Sakhalin - 126 thousand tonnes (+18.8 thousand tonnes on last year).

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