Progressing of saury season 2011 in Russia's Far East as per 12 October 2011

October 13, 2011 15:56

After comparably bad years of 2009-2010 the Russian fishermen targeting saury in the nation's Far East reported almost double catches in the current year season partly thanks to stronger scientific support, reports

More specifically, from the beginning of the year as per 12 October 2011 the Russian fishing companies harvested 40,200 MT of saury, almost twice up from 27,800 MT and 20,400 MT in 2009 and 2010 correspondingly.

In order to raise exploitation of saury stocks in the region Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency has commissioned Vladivostok-based TINRO-Centre and Sakhalin-based SakhNIRO fishery research institutes to provide scientific support and short-term forecast of the saury fishery progressing.

Towards that end they have organized a united working group, sent fishery scientists to onshore plants and motherships and NIS Vladimir Safonov (research vessel) to the grounds for spotting operations. Judging by the results for the season the efforts have evidently worked well.

As per 12 October 2011 the fleet returned to the grounds some 100 miles off the south of Shikotan where it worked earlier until the weather conditions grew rough. Catches were recorded at 5-30 MT per vessel. In case of worsening conditions the fishermen were recommended to go to reserve grounds where NIS Vladimir Safonov recorded formation of saury stocks one week ago.

Closer to mid-October 2011 the research vessel continued control surveys and spotting operations in the waters of Central Kuril Islands. Everywhere in the area she recorded schools of young saury. Concentrations and separate schools of market-sized saury were not yet found in the area.

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