Progress of Russian fisheries as per late May 2020

May 21, 2020 16:00

By May 20, 2020 the total volume of aquatic biological resources harvested by Russian fleets amounted to more than 2.01 million metric tons, 5.9% or 116,600 tonnes up on the corresponding result of last year.

In the Far East Fishery Basin the catch increased by 9.6% to more than 1.48 million tons. Pollock catches rose by 66,220 tonnes to 1.1 million tonnes, while cod catches jumped by 11,730 tonnes to 76,440 tonnes. The catch of Pacific herring increased by 14,340 tonnes to 116,700 tonnes.

In the North Fisheries Basin the Russian fleets harvested 197,000 tonnes, 1.1% up on last year. Cod catches decreased by 11,000 tonnes to 138,630 tons. Haddock catches increased by 11,300 tonnes to 31,500 tonnes.

In the Western Fisheries Basin catches decreased by 5.3% on last year to 49,030 tonnes. Sprat catches decreased by 1,130 tonnes to 32,540 tonnes. Baltic herring catches decreased by 1,300 tonnes to 14,000 tonnes.

In the Azov-Black Sea Fisheries Basin 29,080 tonnes were caught, 4.7% down on last year. Catches of anchovy increased by 1,800 tonnes to 19,370 tonnes. Sprat catches amounted to 1,220 tonnes, 1,800 tonnes down on last year.

In the Volga-Caspian Fisheries Basin catches went down by 8.4% to 19,560 tonnes. Catches of sprat amounted to 4,330 tonnes, 4,200 tonnes up on last year. The total harvest also included 9,340 tonnes of big and small fish, 5,000 tonnes less than last year. Catches of freshwater species rose by 400 tonnes to about 2,700 tonnes.

In the foreign zones, the convention areas and in the open part of the World Ocean the Russian fleet harvested 232,800 tonnes, 5.7% down on last year.

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