Production has come to an end at HB Grandi's Vopnafjordur pelagic freezing plant

May 24, 2012 08:18
Production has come to an end at HB Grandi's Vopnafjördur pelagic freezing plant and fishmeal factory, and is not expected to resume until the end of next month. In spite of this, the place is busy with improvements to the freezing plant as new filleting machines and additional freezing capacity are being installed during the down time, reports with reference to HB Grandi.

According to factory manager Magnús Róbertsson, the two oldest filleters are being replaced by a pair of fully automatic Baader filleting machines. The intention is also to double the blast freezer's capacity and to increase automation in its production line.

‘The staff facilities are being expanded, which is a big improvement as things had become pretty cramped after there was so much activity here,' Magnús Róbertsson said, adding that the company's own engineers and local contractors are carrying out the improvements alongside general maintenance. As fishing on herring and mackerel is not expected to start until the end of next month, the production staff will be taking their summer break from next week onwards, and are due to be back at work on the 24th of June.

‘We have made full use of the time recently to hold courses for all of our staff at Vopnafjördur. These were basic and higher level courses for people working with fish and for those completing the higher level course, there is also a step up to a higher pay scale. Then we have also been holding course in first aid, quality and hygiene and an optional relaxation course,' Magnús Róbertsson said.

Source: HB Grandi
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