Mixed results for Russian Atlantic fisheries in first week of March

March 12, 2021 14:24

In first week of March the Russian Atlantic fisheries displayed mixed results in line with the earlier trends depending on the areas and species such as cod, haddock, snow crab, blue whiting etc., reports Megafishnet.com.

Соd and haddock

According to Fishnet.ru, in the Barents Sea up to 67 middle and 27 small vessels from Murmansk and 3 vessels from Kaliningrad were targeting cod and haddock with bottom trawl gear.

From the beginning of the year through to 8 March the Russian fleets harvested 71,000 tonnes of cod (quota remainder 81.6%) and 15,100 tonnes of haddock (quota remainder 85.6%). For comparison, last year the respective result was 74,900 tonnes of cod and 15,500 tonnes of haddock.

Snow crab

In the Russian EEZ six vessels owned by ZAO Arcticservice, OAO Severomorskiy Alyans and OOO SZRK-Murmansk from the North Fisheries and OOO Antey from the Far East conducted trap fishery of snow crab. Through the first days of March they altogether harvested 246 tonnes and the total catch from the beginning of the year amounted to 800 tonnes out of the TAC of 13,250 tonnes. The respective result of last year was 155 tonnes.


The pink shrimp fishery in the open part of the Barents Sea was conducted by three RTIP vessels coming from Murmansk-led North Fisheries. Their total catch in early March 2021 amounted to 207 tonnes. Russia’s YTD harvest of pink shrimps totalled 382 tonnes. For comparison, as per 8 March 2020 the shrimp harvest was 2,258 tonnes.

Blue whiting

To the west of the British Isles a group of 13 large Russian trawlers (7 from Kaliningrad and 6 from Murmansk) were targeting blue whiting. The fishery situation was favorable in general. Their catch during the first spring week slightly exceeded 10,400 tonnes.

Russia’s total catch in the NEAFC Regulatory Area as per 8 March 2021 amounted to ca.33,600 tonnes (48.8% of 68,900 tonnes of the nation’s blue whiting quota in the NEAFC waters). For comparison, last year the respective result 37,900 tonnes of blue whiting.


In the Mauritanian EEZ two BATM trawlers owned by ZAO Westrybflot, two vessels owned by OOO Magadanpromflot from the Russian Far East and RTMKSm trawler Alexander Mironenko owned by AO Taurus from Murmansk were engaged in the pelagic trawl fishery. The fishing situation was reported as uneven, the total catch through the week under analysis amounted to 950 tonnes of fish, including 73% of horse mackerel, 8% of sardine, 1% of mackerel and 18% of non-targeted species. From the beginning of the year the Russian catch in the area amounted to 8,950 tonnes. Last year the respective result was 7,300 tonnes.

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