Lithuania and Russia approving capture quotas 2012 in Curonian Bay

November 16, 2011 16:18

Lithuania and Russia have come to an agreement on capture quotas 2012 in the Curonian Bay and in Lake Vištytis, reports

According to the agreement, in 2012 Lithuanian fishermen will be allowed to harvest 1,200-1,300 MT of zander, bream and smelt, twice down on the allowed Russian catches of 2,400 MT. Quotas have been actually left approximately on a par with last year.

The sides have distributed quotas with regard to research recommendations, spawning and feeding grounds. The Lithuanian quota in the Curonian Bay is smaller than the Russian one as two thirds of the Bay belongs to Russia and only one third to Lithuania. The same is true for Lake Vištytis covering an area of 17.83 km2, of which only 5.44 km2 belongs to Lithuania.

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