Largest fishery research expedition will take place this summer

April 25, 2019 16:48

As part of the expedition, two research vessels, Professor Levanidov (VNIRO) and Akademik Mstislav Keldysh (RAS), will conduct a series of surveys in the Arctic seas of Russia.

Professor Levanidov should leave Vladivostok in July and arrive in Murmansk in 100 days. At the first stage of the trip, the vessel will go to the Bering Sea to carry out a bottom trawl survey as part of the program of state monitoring of aquatic biological resources. Then she will do surveys in the Chukchi Sea, East Siberian and Laptev Seas, later on in the Kara and Barents Seas. For such a long transarctic voyage, a respectively big scientific team has been selected among scientists from VNIRO and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The expedition will produce a lot of material enabling the scientists to solve urgent issues about the current status and possibilities of exploitation of the Arctic resources.

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