Landings surge in Murmansk

December 5, 2020 09:37

Presumably, as a result of halted shipments to China, landings in Murmansk Fish Port have been surging during the first December week up to 8300 metric tons based on reported arrivals, reports

According to the Harbour Master release, on December 1, three reefers called at the port: " the Arctic Princess", "Canopus" and ``Arctic Spirit". The total volume of their cargo is over 3,200 tonnes, including frozen bottom fish, shrimp and fishmeal.

On December 2, the trawler "Saint Petersburg" (200 tons) and the reefer "Tavr" (180 tons) also came to land.

On December 4, a Norwegian Holmfoss reefer vessel with 1,800 tonnes of fish caught by Murmansk fishermen was due to arrive.

And on December 5, the Kotoyarvi trawler (200 tons) and the Belomorye reefer (1800 tonnes) are to lay at the berths.

On December 6-7 – the Lazurny seiner trawler (400 tons of herring) and the Novy Svet reefer (525 tons) are to call. 

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