HB Grandi: Capelin spawning and not much quota left

March 22, 2012 08:37

HB Grandi's pelagic vessels now have around 1500 tonnes of their capelin quota remaining to be caught and the skippers hope to catch what they have left this week. Ingunn AK has finished its season, while the others are still fishing - although currently sitting out a storm in the shelter of Gardskagi, reports www.megafishnet.com.

According to Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, head of department at HB Grandi's pelagic division, conditions have been difficult over the last few days with heavy seas. The capelin have mostly spawned now and have been on the seabed where they are not easily caught.

‘The fishing opportunities have been from around midday until dusk, but these are not big marks that they are fishing on now. We are hoping that it will be possible to catch the rest of the quota, and there isn't far to go to achieve that,' he said.

The current status is that Ingunn is discharging its 1900 tonne last trip of the season at Akranes. Víkingur AK is at sea and is close to having a full load on board. Faxi RE had 750 tonnes on board yesterday and Lundey NS had 250 tonnes. As the capelin have now spawned, these final payloads will all go for fishmeal and oil production. In spite of the quota now being almost exhausted, there have been ten pelagic vessels at sea over the last few days and there were 25 when the season was at its peak.

Source: HB Grandi
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