March 25, 2015 09:13

Factory trawler Therney RE is due to dock in Reykjavík tomorrow. The ship is now steaming home after a successful trip in Norwegian waters. The catch is estimated at 1275 tonnes of raw fish with value of ISK 506 million.

‘We’re very satisfied with this trip. In spite of poor weather that has stopped us fishing for days at a time, catches were excellent,’ said skipper Kristinn Gestsson when we spoke to him earlier today. Therney was then east of Hvalbak in bad weather, but land was in sight and he expected to be alongside in Reykjavík at 1400 tomorrow.

This has been a 40-day trip that started on the Fuglø Bank in the Barents Sea.

‘There was poor weather the whole time we were there and it was bad enough for us to have to dodge for a few days. But catches were good on the days when we could fish. The main problem was the large amounts of haddock on the fishing grounds, and we are not allowed to go over the 30% by-catch limit for the trip,’ he said and commented that the bad weather on the Fuglø Bank prompted them to steam south of Lofoten.

‘We had our last ten days of fishing there south of Lofoten and we had some fine weather and very good fishing. The catch there was practically clean cod, most of it excellent quality fish,’ Kristinn Gestsson said.

Source: HB Grandi
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