Good herring season over

December 8, 2011 08:12

HB Grandi's pelagic processing factory in Vopnafjördur saw its herring season come to a close last week when the last of the herring landed from Lundey NS's last trip was filleted and frozen. A total of 11,250 tonnes of herring butterfly fillets have been produced at the Vopnafjördur factory this year, compared to last year's 12,700 tonne production, reports

The season began at Vopnafjördur on the 11th of June when the factory began processing mackerel and Atlanto-Scandian herring. Production of Icelandic summer-spawning herring began on the 6th of November and came to an end on the 30th. According to marketing manager Svavar Svavarsson, the quality of the herring has been excellent. The pelagic vessels have only been to sea for short trips, as for most of the season the fishing grounds have been within close range of Vopnafjördur.

‘Sales have been going well. There is a strong demand and prices have risen since last year. All of this year's production has already been allocated and we expect to deliver the last few tonnes in the next two to three weeks,' Svavar Svavarsson said.

Source: HB Grandi
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