Good fishing on herring

September 29, 2017 08:54


‘We have one more mackerel trip ahead of us, but because of the weather outlook, we decided to go for herring instead. The forecast doesn’t look good for the next few days but we’ll see how it looks when we’ve finished landing,’ said Hjalti Einarsson, skipper of HB Grandi’s pelagic vessel Víkingur, scheduled to dock in Vopnafjörður this evening with 800 tonnes of herring.

The catch was taken in four hauls off the Norðfjörður Deep, leaving a 110 nautical mile steam to Vopnafjörður.

He said that there were four pelagic vessels fishing on the same area when Víkingur started fishing, but only one was still there earlier today.

‘The herring fishery is just starting and even though there have been signs of herring over a wide area already this autumn, it’s still not easy to say for sure where most of the fish are. There were some strong marks over a big area off the Norðurfjörður Deep yesterday, and the herring we had is a good medium size and in fine condition,’ Hjalti Einarsson said.

He commented that Venus is landing mackerel at Vopnafjörður right now, and not expected to be finished before midnight. Once Venus is finished, work can start on discharging Víkingur’s catch.

Source: Brim
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