Fishing situation at Sea of Okhotsk is good, but Alaska pollock catch is not

March 3, 2021 09:42

The most important fishery in Pacific Russia - Alaska pollock fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk - is under way.  Sixty days out of a hundred have passed, but fishing is slow. Total APO catch was 399.3 thousand metric tons, 25% (129,400 MT) below 2020 result when it was 528,700 MT, reports 

The difference was partially compensated by herring (+26.44 TMT), pacific mackerel (+12.49 TMT) and iwashi sardine (+3.96 TMT). 

Naturally, all the decrease was related to products that would normally be supplied to China and Korea.  APO HG production was 149,630 MT, i.e. 64.9% of 2020 level, and APO WR 20,579 MT, i.e. 75% of 2020.  Fillet and mince production slightly increased by 1160 MT (103.8%). 

It is interesting to note that roe yield this year is higher than in 2020 (3.15% against 3.08% in February), though ships report smaller fish size and higher immature roe share.  Producers have not decided how to sell it yet, though normally the first auctions in Busan started at the end of February.

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