Fishing in the Far East in July

July 16, 2021 14:10

Far Eastern fishermen have off-season of a kind this month, reports

After the end of A season in the Sea of Okhotsk, pollock fishery in the Bering Sea is proceeding slowly. On the first half of July, pollock was caught only in the West Bering Sea subarea (65 thousand tons since mid-June), coastal fishing was carried out mainly in Kuril zones (3.7 thousand tons in total), this product probably went mainly to surimi production on Pilenga new factory.  Since the beginning of the year, 1082 thousand tons of pollock have been caught out of 1996 TAC, which, of course, is less than last year result of 1260 thousand tons.

The fishery for the Bering Sea herring has begun, with a total catch of 20 Herring is of good quality, large, so most ships produce it WR, 5 ships only are making fillets, the total production of which has so far amounted to about 300 tons.

Iwashi sardine fishery has re-started in the southern Kuriles. There are 5 vessels in the fishery, including 2 super trawlers Mechanic Kovtun of Norebo and Peter 1 of Sigma MT, which together daily take about 800 tons of raw material.

The fishery for cod (102 thousand tons against 112) and soles (30 against 42) lags behind last year's schedule, and situation on the Commander squid fishery is much weaker than a year ago (34 against 78).

Many companies have put their vessels up for salmonids, however, the main run has not yet begun. As of July 10, 18 thousand tons of pink salmon had been taken (mainly in Karaginskaya subarea), which is only 5.5% of the forecast, 7.3 thousand tons of sockeye salmon (22.7%), very little chum and coho salmon.

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