Export from Russian Far East Fisheries in December 2011

December 19, 2011 12:46

Export in the late November - early December had a number of developments and contained mostly such products as pollock, fishmeal, pink and chum salmon, herring and Atka mackerel, reports www.megafishnet.com.

Pollock catch was under way in all the areas.  Like during the summer season, the major volume was delivered to Dalian and Africa.  At the yearend buyers lost interest to large fish.  Price for APO HG 25+ decreased to $1600-1620 per MT, while 20+ price was stable $1430-1460.

APO WR was really expensive.  USD860/920/1050/1200 for a ton of major grade product (M/L/2L/3L) is extravagant.  Most probably, the fish will be processed in China and Korea (it's high season to produce some dry salted fish).

New season fishmeal supply has started.  Typical price didn't change - CFR Busan or China is $1300-1350 for protein level 60-62%.

Pink and chum salmon supply to China goes slowly.  Prices are stable at level $2200-2600 for Kamchatka products and up to $3000 for fish from Sakhalin and Kuril.

About ten thousand MT of pacific herring has reached China.  Not customarily, export price moves up.  It started with $940 for 200-300 grade and moved up to the magic number $1000.  No doubt, this threshold will be crossed by the end of December, or in January.

As for Olytorskaya herring its major market (Japan) is really weak.  Because of low demand even hi-grade Akros product was sold at about $1700 for MT.  It looks like Russians will have another chance to eat Olyutorka this winter.

At the end of the year two thousand MT of Atka mackerel was delivered to Busan.  It's difficult to discuss pricing as this specie is caught by just one company.

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