Commercial fishing in the Far East is lagging behind, while coastal fishing is accelerating

June 15, 2021 14:45

Due to difficult meteorological and ice conditions, fishing in the Far Eastern seas is carried out with some shift relative to the usual schedule, reports Megafishnet.

Spawning pollock fishery, the main fishing season at the Far East, ended May. Despite the certification by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) of the fishery in the East Sakhalin subarea of the Sea of Okhotsk and an active start of work there after the closure of fishery in the so-called “main” subareas on April 9, the total catch here turned out to be 13 thousand tons. (21%) lower than in 2020. It was not possible to achieve last year's result in the North Kuril zone as well (31 versus 38 thousand tons).

The fishery for the commander squid and Far-Eastern soles lags behind the usual schedule. On June 10, only 24 thousand tons was taken, i.e. 41% from last year. Soles catch amounted to 25.85 thousand tons, two thirds of the 2020 level.

The atka mackerel fishery lags behind 2020 by 5%, 16 thousand tons  on June 10. Cod taken 93% of the level of 2020, 85 thousand tons.

The iwashi sardine fishery began earlier than usual in the Japanese EEZ, which made it possible to compensate for the effect of the weak situation at the Southern Kuriles. Almost 10 thousand tons have been produced in total.

Coastal fishery was more active than last year.  There was almost two and a half times more Pollock was caught the Primorye subzone than in 2020, and 66% more in the South Kuril zone and in Western Sakhalin.

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