Combating illegal fishing

April 1, 2016 11:50

Making sure all rules are complied with is an essential part of managing fisheries. Our aim is to effectively deter illegal fishing in the Australian Fishing Zone. The rules and regulations of Commonwealth fisheries are designed to protect our fish for the future, the properties rights of our fishers and the broader marine environment, reports with reference to Australian Fisheries Management Authority. 

AFMA uses a range of approaches to protect our fisheries, including monitoring our vessels, tracking our catch and cooperating with other countries to protect shared fish stocks. An effective monitoring, control and surveillance program is not just about policing. The setting of rules, collection of information, making sure rules are being followed and educating fishers and fish buyers of the rules are all important aspects of combating illegal fishing.

Supporting AFMA compliance programs are strong fisheries legislation, including strict rules and regulations with clear penalties and sanctions. Fishers and fish buyers caught breaking rules can be fined on the spot, their licence to fish can be suspended or, for the more serious cases, we may prosecute them or have their catch seized.

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