February 13, 2015 09:10

Lundey NS docked at Akranes wednesday morning with 1500 tonnes of capelin on board. This is Lundey’s second landing this season at Akranes and factory manager Gudmundur Hannesson said that the outlook is for a good season.

‘Last year we didn’t start the factory up until the roe season started at the end of February and now we have already received 3000 tonnes, and it looks like the factory will continue to be in operation for the rest of the season,’ he said. 

The factory at Akranes is designed to be able to operate two production lines simultaneously to provide 850 to 900 tonne production per day. At the moment only the larger system is in use so Lundey’s landing should take three days to process.

‘We should be finished landing the fish this evening and then production can start,’ Gudmundur Hannesson said, adding that a staff of twelve run the factory with two shifts of six staff.

According to the Marine Research Institute’s proposals and the Ministry of Fisheries decision on the capelin quota, HB Grandi has a 71,652 tonne share of the quota for this season. Lundey’s latest landing brings the company’s catch to 21,000 tonnes, leaving 50,000 uncaught so far. To ensure the most efficient usage of the quota, HB Grandi has contracted for Hoffell II SU to catch part of HB Grandi’s quota s this year there will be four vessels taking part in the fishery for HB Grandi.

Source: HB Grandi
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