Fishery results in Russia's Far East in January-July 2009

August 7, 2009 15:16

In the first seven months of 2009 the total harvest in Russia's Far East Basin amounted to 1,313,700 tonnes, 96500 tonnes up on the same period last year, reports ( with reference to fishery sources in Vladivostok.

Increases were registered for such species as pollock (+23,000 tonnes), flounder (+9800 tonnes), wachna cod (+2600 tonnes), grenadier (+3600 tonnes) and skates (+1100 tonnes). As for non-finfish species, increases were observed in catches of sea urchins (+556 tonnes), whelks (+612 tonnes) and sea cucumber (+470 tonnes).

In the meantime, the Russian fishermen reported decreased catches of squid in the North Kuriles (-8200 tonnes). The harvest of cod and herring in the Sea of Okhotsk was also 12,000 tonnes behind the last year result for the same seven months. The harvest of longfin codling Laemonema went down by 3500 tonnes.

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