Fishery outlook in Murmansk-led North Basin in July 2007

July 5, 2007 12:53

In July 2007 the Russian fleets will continue active operations on the Barents Sea bottomfish grounds in the Russian EEZ.

The fishery operations will be also possible in the waters off Spitsbergen, mostly to the east off the Hope Island. The fishing stocks are expected to be in more disperse condition therefore the catch volume will be lower than in June by 15-20%.

In the Norwegian Sea the bulk of the Russian fleet will target mackerel in the international waters with the bycatch of herring and blue whiting. Depending on the fishery conditions, the vessels will operate on a large area from the south of the loophole to the 70th degree North.

Separate trawlers will be able to harvest mackerel and blue whiting in the northern part of the Faroese EEZ.

The Russian mackerel quota 2007 has been set on a par with last year at 7500 tonnes in the Faroese fishing and at 24,500 tonnes in the loophole (international waters) of the Norwegian Sea.

In the Irminger Sea the catch rates on the grounds of ocean perch S.mentella are expected to decrease mainly due to falling fishing efforts and more dispersed concentrations in the northern part of the Irminger Sea. By the end of the month some of the fleet will move more to the south.

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