Fishery outlook for November 2007 in North Atlantic and Central Eastern Atlantic

November 9, 2007 16:11

In November 2007 the Russian bottomfish operations will be conducted under the conditions of increased frequency of storms, however considerable changes in the volumes of cod and haddock supplies as compared to October 2007 are not expected, fishery sources in Murmansk told (

According to the shipowners, due to increased fishing efforts and stabilization of the fishery situation in the sea's northwest, the share of cod harvested in the waters of Spitsbergen can grow to 40-45%. Haddock will continue to be harvested in the Russian EEZ only. Nearly all the crabber fleet of Murmansk-led North Fisheries Basin, at least 20 ships namely, will be targeting red king crabs. The analysis of the fishery conditions is indicative of a potential increase of red king crab catches by 1000-2000 tonnes as compared to the results of the October fishery.

In connection with the closure of the herring fishery some of the trawlers will be free to switch to the fishery of polar cod Boreogadus saida. The harvest of the species through the month is forecasted at least at 5000 tonnes, though only the company which will be first to land its catch in Murmansk Fish Port can get a profit.

In the Norwegian Sea the bulk of the fleet will continue harvesting herring in the Norwegian EEZ. Due to diminishing fishing efforts, the herring landings will be considerably smaller than in October 2007.

The blue whiting fishery conducted by a small group of vessels will gradually move to the Faroese fishing zone. In the Northwest Atlantic Greenland halibut will be targeted by separate vessels only.

In the Central Eastern Atlantic pelagic fish, mostly mackerel and sardinella, will be targeted by a group of 5-6 large vessels.

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