Salmon fishery update for early July

July 11, 2019 14:07

In the first half of July 2019 the salmon fishery was progressing in the Russian Far East.


Salmon season has got started in Khabaravosk as of 1 July current.

Due to the restrictions introduced in the Amur and Amurskiy estuary the fishermen can operate only in the North Okhotsk subarea.

The Federal Agency for Fishery (Rosrybolovstvo) has allocated the TACs for all types of fishery, namely recreational, sport and commercial, along with research fishery for aquaculture recovery purposes. The allocations are as follows: 6819 metric tons of pink salmon, 13154 tonnes of chum salmon, 710 tonnes of coho salmon and 1200 tonnes of Arctic char.


In order to let sockey run for spawning in the Kamchatka Bay and in the Kamchatka river the regional fishery managers have suspended the fishing operations until 15 July 2019.

North Kuriles

As per 9 July 2019 the fishery of the North Kuriles have already covered nearly half of the potential chum salmon catch, namely more than 720 tonnes out of 1700 tonnes forecasted for the season.

Sockeye and pink salmon fisheries have also been progressing well enough with more than 223 and ca. 600 tonnes harvested by early July. First bycatch of coho salmon has been registered.


Though the salmon fishery in Sakhalin has been officially launched in the island’s northwest, northeast and southeast as of 1 July 2019 no catch volumes have been reported yet.

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