Russian pollock catch in the Sea of Okhotsk exceeded one million MT

April 16, 2020 12:41

The total harvest of Alaska pollock in Russia’s Far East Fishery Basin as per 14 April 2020 amounted to ca.1.02 million metric tons, 7.3% up on the corresponding result of 2019, according to the nation’s sectoral system for monitoring (SSM).

Catches in the Sea of Okhotsk totalled 933.4 thousand tonnes, 6.3% up on 2019. Under the Fishery Regulations the dedicated APO fishery has been suspended in the West Kamchatka and Kamchatka-Kuril subzones from April 1, 2020. The total catch in those subzones amounted to 577.3 thousand tonnes, 9.8% up on 2019. In the North Okhotsk Subzone the dedicated fishery has been ceased from April 10 (with the exception of vessels maximum 65 meters long between the perpendiculars). The catch amounted to 338.8 thousand tonnes, 6.9% up on 2019.

In the remaining areas for pollock fishery the fishermen harvested less than 25 thousand tons per area.

Pacific herring

Starting from the beginning of the year through to April 14, 2020 the Russian fishermen harvested 71.4 thousand tonnes of Pacific herring, 12.6% up on last year. The figure includes catches in the North Okhotsk Subzone - 70.9 thousand tonnes, 16% up on 2019, and in the West Kamchatka subzone - 100 tonnes, 8.6% down on 2019.


Pacific cod catches in the Russian Far East totalled 57.2 thousand tonnes, 17.5% up on 2019. In the East Kamchatka zone the fleets harvested 21.1 thousand tonnes of cod, 12.8% up on last year, in the North Kuril zone - 9.6 thousand tons, 2.5-fold on last year.

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