Patient work west of Ireland

March 28, 2014 09:28

We’re getting there. It’s not east to figure out how much blue whiting there is here. The fishing is patchy, nothing fantastic, and it needs patience,’ said Róbert Axelsson, skipper of Ingunn AK for the current trip.

Ingunn has now been fishing for three days, on top of a two and a half day steam to fishing grounds that are 260 nautical miles west of Ireland. Róbert Axelsson said that so far they have 1100 tonnes on board and 500 or 600 more tonnes are needed to justify the long trip.

‘The weather was lousy when we got here, but it improved yesterday and is fine today. The forecast looks good,’ he said, commenting that there is something of a fleet on the fishing grounds, including trawlers from Russia, Norway and the Faroes, as well as the Icelandic vessels.

He said that the fishing has been variable as they chase elusive marks and tows are from one hour up to ten hours at 270 to 330 fathoms.

‘A 200 tonne haul is usual. The best we have had so far is 400 tonnes, but today the fishing is slower so he tows are longer,’ Róbert Axelsson said.

Source: HB Grandi
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