Overview of Norwegian fisheries as per week 7/2019

February 21, 2019 09:02

The herring has arrived at Møre, - and the first vessel with blue whiting is heading for Egersund, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag (Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organization for Pelagic Fish).

Atlanto Scandic herring

From a volume point of view, we got a moderate week with just 12 400 MT registered. The main reason for a low volume is that the herring stayed deep at the beginning of the week, while harsh weather later hampered the operations. On Saturday the wind calmed, and the fleet at Møre was reactivated, to be more precise; at “Buagrunnen”. Here the outcome was better, and of last week’s volume, as much as 10 600 MT were taken in this area.

In comparison with previous years, the herring is “late” this year. Last year, the first catch was on the 10th of February, in 2017 on the 9th and in 2016 on the 14th.

Normally it is the bigger herring leading on when migrating. This is the case also this year, as we see the size between 345 -385 g, - balanced average at 367 g.

Hopefully the availability at Møre will be good in the forthcoming week, bringing about more vessels to join for their quotas. The weather is a key factor, and towards the weekend the forecast is not so bad.

Blue whiting

From the areas west of Ireland, there was caught some 13 000 MT last week. This volume was shared on eight catches. The weather has been hampering operations periodically.

The main part, 10 300 MT, was taken in EU waters just a few miles east of the 200 n.m. line. From international waters, two vessels have caught 2 700 MT. The operations have been challenging as several vessels from Russia and Iceland are operating at the same “spots” as well.

All catches were sold for indirect consumption in Ireland, at Iceland and in Norway. The new plant; ‘Prima Protein’ in Egersund has started its production. On Tuesday the vessel “Østerbris” will be unloading 2 500 MT at the new plant.

In the forthcoming week, we expect more vessels to join for the blue whiting. If there will no quota on capelin at Iceland, a major part of the vessels will be heading west.

Capelin at Iceland

Great efforts have been made to look for the capelin at several surveys since January. Last week vessels had their fourth turn searching. By the end of last week, also two Norwegian vessels took part in cooperation with Icelandic vessels.

We are told that some observations have been made south of 64⁰ N 30’, but according to vessel masters just in a limited area.

The weather is expected to hamper further operation until Tuesday, and most vessels are seeking port. Hopefully we shall now more of the situation by Monday/Tuesday this week.

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