Kamchatka and Chukotka fishermen have improved catch results year-on-year

December 5, 2020 00:03

According to the Northeast Office of Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries, as per 29 November 2020, capture quotas (both offshore and inshore) allocated to the companies based in Kamchatka Territory and Chukotka Autonomous Okrug have been covered at 89.7%. The regions’ catches of quota-regulated species amounted to 1,012,359 metric tons, 19,375 tons or 2% up year-on-year.

Offshore and inshore quotas allocated against investment obligations to Kamchatka companies were covered at 86% with the total catch amounting to 29,924 tonnes.

The main commercial species had the following shares in the catch:

  • Alaska Pollock, 658,187 tonnes (65%);
  • Cod, 87,940 tonnes (8%);
  • Pacific herring, 83,154 tonnes (8%);
  • Commander squid, 57,367 tonnes (6%);
  • Soles, 54,929 tonnes (5%).

Negative YOY dynamics was observed for the following commercial species:

  • Kamchatka crab, –2,314 tonnes;
  • Blue king crab, –1,513 tonnes;
  • Saffron cod, –1,344 tonnes;
  • Halibuts, –537 tonnes;
  • Sea cucumber, –650 tonnes;
  • Snow crab bairdi, –559 tonnes.

Positive YOY dynamics was also observed for:

  • Alaska Pollock, +12,814 tonnes;
  • Atka mackerel, +3,980 tonnes;
  • Commander squid, +3,333 tonnes;
  • Soles, +3,494 tonnes;
  • Pacific herring, +1,652 tonnes;
  • Grenadiers, +1,553 tonnes.

Crab fishery

As per 29 November 2020, the total catch of crabs as reported by the fishermen of Kamchatka and Chukotka amounted to 24,099 tonnes, including 11,612 tonnes harvested under the investment quotas. As compared to 2019, the catch rose by 156 tonnes from 23,943 tonnes.

The main commercial crab species was red king crab with the result of 12,449 tonnes (52% of the total). It was followed by blue king crab with the result of 7,873 tonnes (33%), of which 4,585 tonnes were caught in the West Bering Sea zone and 3,288 tonnes in the West Kamchatka subzone.

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