1st half 2020 results of Russian fisheries

July 16, 2020 15:46

In January-June 2020 Russian fleets harvested 2,640,930 metric tons of fish and other aquatic species, 7% up year-on-year. The catch forecast for the second half of the year looks fairly good.

As usual, the biggest contributor was Russia’s Far East Fisheries Basin, where, as per 13 July 2020, the national fleets harvested 1,962,380 tonnes of fish, 176,840 tonnes or by 9,9% more than last year.

The Alaska pollock catch amounted to 1,347,210 (+95,120 tonnes on 2019), cod - 115,380 tonnes (+11,970 tonnes), herring - 126,870 tonnes (+5,540 tonnes). Catches of Pacific salmons amounted to 17,570 tonnes, 16,550 or 48.5% down on 2018, and 11,070 tonnes or 38.66% down on 2019.

Catches of pelagic fish looked promising. Total catch of Japanese pilchard and mackerel in the 1st half of 2020 exceeded 41,000 tonnes which was five-fold as compared to the result of 2019. Japanese pilchard catches totalled 28,100 tonnes, +21,700 tonnes on last year. Mackerel catches amounted to 12,900 tonnes, +12,200 year-on-year.

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