Fish international 2010 was opened at the Bremen Exhibition Centre

February 21, 2010 15:09
 "Economic success through sustainable action - this formula stands for the city's economic upswing in over 8,000 jobs within the fishing port of Bremerhaven", said Dr Heiner Heseler, State Councillor to the Senator for Industry and Ports in the City of Bremen at the opening ceremony of the trade fair "fish international" on 21 February 2010, reports with reference to Sabine Trenkler of WFB Bremen Economic Development Corp.

"The German city-state of Bremen thus stands as no other for innovative trends and new impulses within the industry. Fish international is an orientation and trading point for everything to do with fish and it underlines the international significance of the locations Bremen and Bremerhaven."

Until Tuesday 23 February 2010 "fish international" will for the 12th time bring together national and international trade visitors in the Bremen exhibition halls. The main focus of this year's trade fair is sustainability. "Sustainable utilization of our global fish stocks is today more important than ever before to ensure the supply of the high-quality, healthy food ‘fish' to future generations, too. This demands responsible action from all participants - from the fisherman, through the processing industry and trade, to the consumer", said Dr German Jeub, Director at the Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV). "The topic of sustainability is going to have an ever stronger influence on operations throughout the fish industry from catch to plate. That is why I am particularly pleased that fish international has given priority to this topic this year."

About 300 exhibitors from 27 nations are presenting their companies and products at "fish international" 2010. They will introduce new products and innovative technologies to the 12,000 expected trade visitors, establish ties, share experiences, and discuss new solutions for more sustainability. "Sustainability is more important for consumers than ever before. And that makes it an urgent topic for traders, producers and processors, too - so it belongs on this fair's agenda", said Hans Peter Schneider, the Managing Director of Messe Bremen. "With our programme we are offering a forum for elucidating all aspects of sustainability and for conveying the relevant issues into the industry and then, via the retailers, out again to the customers... because in the end, the customer is the decision maker - the person who has to be convinced of the increasing awareness of sustainability within the fish industry."

Outstanding concepts and product ideas to help the retail sector meet the changing customer demands are on display at the Special Show of the Fish Retail Trade, for example, in which Edeka has been strongly involved. "The topic sustainability is ever-present in my daily working life: The energy efficiency of our buildings is a top priority when planning new store locations, for example", reported Uwe Trocha, Area Manager of EDEKA Minden-Hannover. "Food product ranges are in focus today also with regard to the handling of resources, including socially responsible structures throughout the whole production process as far back as the raw materials. It is a demanding challenge, but a challenge that we have taken up. Our work on the product range in the fish segment is an example of this."

The trade fair "fish international" continues in Halls 5, 6 and 7 of the Bremen Exhibition Centre until Tuesday 23 February 2010. It is open to trade professionals only from 10:00 to 18:00h on 21 and 22 February and from 10:00 to 17:00h on 23 February.

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