Fish farm to help rebuilt valuable whitefish stocks in Siberia

March 23, 2009 16:21

A new fish hatchery will be built in Yamal to be engaged in Coregonus whitefish reproduction. The project's cost is estimated at 300 million RUB, reports ( with reference to Krasnyi Sever.

The need to build the whitefish hatchery farm has grown more urgent in view of a 6-fold decrease of the abundance of muksun, nelma and chir in the rivers. The situation has been growing more difficult due to rising poaching.

In 2007 Flora and Fauna Ecology Institute of the Urals' department of Russia's Academy of Science prepared feasibility study for whitefish reproduction under the request of the region's fishery department. The projected fish hatchery to be built in the Sobi River is planned to provide the fish return of 1100 tonnes in some five years.

The project's cost is estimated at 300 million RUB and now its initiators are holding talks on the investments with Gazflot Company.

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