Fast trains bringing seafood from Russia's Far East to west

August 7, 2009 15:18

In early August the first fast train with seafood cargoes left the Russian Far East for Yekaterinburg in the Urals, reports ( with reference to Far East Raiways.

The experimental train was to arrive at its destination point within 8 days instead of normally practiced 17 days. The train is actually part of a pack of new transportation services developed by a daughter company of OAO Russian Railways, namely by Refservice. OOO Dalrybport (ltd) has stepped forward as the main consignor in charge for accumulation of cargoes and speedy loading into cars.

The advantages of the new service include quicker delivery, movement according to the schedule and guaranteed safety of cargoes which is supposed to raise volumes of perishable cargoes transported by railways. All in all, these merits result into higher quality of railways shipments and stronger competitiveness of the RFE fishermen on the domestic market.

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