Fast growing packing company to build modern fish cannery

February 15, 2007 12:51

Integral Holding Company has been working on the Russian market since 1992. In its early years the company was focused mainly on wholesale trade of a wide range of canned seafood. After the year 2000 Integral stepped into a new stage when it purchased two fish canneries JSC ZAO Rybnyi Dvor in Veliky Novgorod and OOO Balt-Fish plus (ltd) in Pskov (the both cities are some 300 kilometers away from Saint-Petersburg). Since that time, Integral has been trading canned seafood produced by its own factories.

Integral's plans provide for construction of a new modern factory in Novgorod, the Great, which will pack seafood to premium class standard and in large volumes.

Integral has arranged continuous supplies to all the retail chains of Saint Petersburg (e.g. Lenta). Until recently all of the company's products have been shipped directly from canneries and from cold store in Saint-Petersburg. In November 2006 the company also opened a cold store in Moscow.

Premium class TM Rybnyi Standart (Fish Standard)

Thanks to large changes, introduction of new technologies and purchase of new equipment the canneries' output capacity has grown to 6.5 million cans per month. The bulk of Integral's product range is contributed by its own products such as Baltic sprat in tomato sauce and sprats in oil. Besides, the current range includes canned freshwater fish items (bream, bighead, ide, wild carp, catfish, pike, carp, porgy, etc.):

Apart from the species typical for the canneries' location area, Integral keeps on purchasing other fish products to offer them in its range. Itegral supplies a wide range of seafood products made from Pacific finfish and other aquatic species such as laminaria salads, natural squid and canned salmon and saury (can No.6). Along with the above, the company has been placing orders for canned fish production, cod liver inclusive, under its own TM at fish plants in Murmansk and Kaliningrad.

The company's total sales volume amounts to more than 12.5 million cans per month.

Integral's whole range includes three main labels which has grown popular among consumers: Tolstyi Botsman (Fat Boatswain), Fregat and Rybnyi Standart (Fish Standard).

Canned fish range marketed under the Tolstyi Botsman TM belongs to the economy-class category known to the Russian consumer since the Soviet times and its recipe has been designed so as to achieve high quality of final products.

Fregat-branded line represents fish packed into pull-ring cans popular among consumers with medium income. The company says that the line's taste and nutritive value have won consumers' loyalty and the products' special design has made the brand distinguished among products of its competitors.

Along with the above, Integral offers canned seafood delicatessen which have no analogues on the Russian market, the company says. Since recently the company's cannery Rybnyi Dvor has been producing premium class canned fish under the TM Rybnyi Standard. Fish processed under original recipes is packed into HANSA cans with the use of manual laying of fillets of salmon, mullet, pike perch, herring and mackerel in oil and tomato sauce.

At present the company has been preparing all the necessary papers allowing it to export the range to Belarus and other CIS countries and abroad. High quality of Integral's canned fish has been confirmed by the US FDA service setting rigid requirements to products imported into the USA.

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