Export Record for Norwegian Seafood in 2010

January 13, 2011 10:12

In 2010, Norwegian seafood exports totalled NOK 53.8 billion and for the seventh year in a row sets a new seafood export record. Compared to 2009, Norwegian seafood exports are up by NOK 9.1 billion, according to the latest figures from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council. In terms of volume, Norwegian seafood exports in 2010 totalled 2.7 million tonnes, an increase of 93,000 tonnes compared to 2009. This is equal to 37 million meals of Norwegian seafood - every day, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to NSEC.

"Norwegian seafood exports have enjoyed exceptional growth in 2010," says managing director Terje E. Martinussen from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

"There has been particularly strong demand for Norwegian Salmon and Norwegian Fjord Trout, exports of which have increased by NOK 7.4 billion or 29% to NOK 33.1 billion. The aquaculture industry now accounts for 62% of all Norwegian seafood exports. Exports of traditional Norwegian Cod products also showed an increase, although this is attributable to the improved quotas now in effect. Prices are largely at the levels seen in 2009 and since the dramatic drop in prices in 2008 it has proven difficult to regain the pre-crisis levels. The pelagic sector has also experienced export records as a result of positive market trends for mackerel and a large herring volume," says Martinussen.

France and Russia still our biggest markets

Exports to France totalled NOK 5.3 billion, an increase of NOK 588 million compared to 2009. This places France as our biggest market in 2010. Russia maintains a clear second place with an export value of NOK 5.2 billion, up by NOK 682 million from 2009.

China, including Hong Kong, formed the biggest growth market in 2010. Growth in exports to China/Hong Kong topped NOK 1 billion, an increase of 48%, to total NOK 3.1 billion for the year.

Ukraine showed the biggest fall in export value, down by NOK 223 million to a total of NOK 1.1 billion.

Exports to the EU increased by NOK 4.6 billion to total NOK 31 billion, equal to 58% of total seafood exports.

Strong growth in aquaculture

In 2010, Norwegian exports of seafood from aquaculture increased by NOK 7.4 billion to NOK 33.4 billion, or 62% of total seafood exports. Of this, Norwegian Salmon accounts for NOK 31.4 billion and Norwegian Fjord Trout NOK 1.6 billion.

Growth in catches of seafood

Catches of seafood in 2010 totalled NOK 20.4 billion, up by NOK 1.7 billion from 2009. Exports of haddock, saithe and mackerel all set new records in 2010. Exports of haddock increased in value by NOK 275 million to a total of NOK 1.3 billion, while exports of saithe increased in value by NOK 158 million to NOK 2.1 billion. Mackerel exports in 2010 totalled NOK 3 billion, up by NOK 790 million from the previous year.

Exports of saithe clipfish increased in value by NOK 148 million to a total of NOK 1.3 billion. Exports of salted cod were up by NOK 61 million to a total of NOK 755 million, while exports of cod clipfish increased by NOK 275 million to a total of NOK 1.9 billion. Total stockfish exports showed a slight decline in 2010 to end at NOK 613 million.

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