Export Packers Adopts Safe Harbor® Mercury Testing Program for Seafood

February 16, 2010 15:33

Export Packers Company Limited has announced that it has obtained the exclusive rights for all of Canada to supply seafood under the Safe Harbor mercury certification program which will enable Export Packers to supply the Canadian market with healthier seafood, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Export Packers Company.

Implemented due to concerns over mercury concentration in seafood and a current lack of industry-wide testing, Export Packers will be able to provide the Canadian seafood industry with product that is tested and certified resulting in the assurance that mercury levels are significantly below food safety standards specified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Safe Harbor's proprietary technology analysis makes it possible to quickly and accurately test any fish species for low-mercury levels and apply its certification to ensure high quality, healthy seafood.

"When it comes to screening for mercury levels in fish under current government standards a very small percentage of fish is tested", states Dan LeBlanc, President, Export Packers. "Without more wide-spread testing, there is little assurance that any particular fish has actually been tested and would meet current government standards. This partnership makes Export Packers the first Canadian seafood importer to be able to verify quickly and accurately that maximum mercury concentration levels as specified by CFIA for each species are not exceeded."

"We are very excited to partner with Export Packers to supply the Canadian market with healthy seafood", said Malcolm Wittenberg, CEO, Safe Harbor. "Mercury exists in all fish and can vary significantly, even within species that are not typically thought of as potentially hazardous. Our Safe Harbor program eliminates any uncertainty by ensuring fish that is tested and certified meets the highest standards for mercury safety and quality."

About Export Packers

Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario and founded in 1937, Export Packers is one of the largest privately owned food companies in Canada. It is an international importer and exporter of various food commodities and does business with over 70 countries. Among its many operating segments is the Canadian Seafood business which markets a wide assortment of both domestic and imported seafood to retailers and food service distributors across Canada under its proprietary Ocean Jewel brand as well as under private label and various other exclusive brands. (www.exportpackers.com )

About Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor certification - the first venture of Micro Analytical Systems, Inc. (MASI) - is the only process for fast, large-scale mercury testing of seafood, enabling processing plants and distributors to identify that the mercury content of fish is below government standards. Founded in 2002, MASI conducts tests in plants and distribution centers worldwide, with Safe Harbor® branded seafood sold at leading retailers and restaurants throughout North America. (www.safeharborfoods.com )

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