Export of fish and shellfish from Russian Far East in April 2011

April 20, 2011 12:50

Pollock HG, pollock fillets, herring products and crabs are some of the commodities in focus as regards the ongoing sales and outlook for Russian seafood export from the Far East Basin, according to Russian Fish Insider Report published by http://www.megafishnet.com/.

Pollock and its products

April, 10 - end of APO catch in Sea of Okhotsk.  Normally after this date some substantial volume is taken at East Sakhalin, but not this year.  As usual, at the end of the A-season prices went up, and crossed psychologically important threshold $1,400 for MT of HG 25+ cm even for lots "below average" quality.  Fillet prices have not been fixed yet, for most companies it will happen in Brussels in early May. 

Fishmeal problem is in place.  No China import permissions, all supply to this country is half-legal.  The harder is ACIQ, the lower are prices.

Pollock roe sales situation is described in details in a special article.


Crab exporters society is small and closed. However, in discussions with a good glass of vodka they boast firm price increase. Probably, high interest is related with Japanese natural disaster. While pollock roe inspections were postponed until some clarity in Japan took place, many crab inspections were under way.


East Sakhalin pollock couldn't be caught this year because of hard ice in the area.  That's why most vessels who intended to continue APO fishing there had to look for another object.  Most chose herring, and the authorities allowed catch till the end of the month.  Quite a lot of fish is to be harvested, and sales are under way now.  Current price is coming to $800 CFR China or Korea.  A fair part of the product is to go further to Africa, but most of it will be eaten in China.

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