European fish processors team up to define new sustainable sourcing standards

October 21, 2010 14:13

The sustainability group of the European Union Fish Processors and Traders Association (AIPCE), of which Findus Group is a member, has launched a new risk assessment process to define a Europe-wide sourcing standard for seafood. Covering both wild caught and farmed seafood, the new guidelines provide a blueprint for the way that fish processing companies should engage with suppliers to support environmentally responsible fish sourcing, reports with reference to Findus Group. 

Findus Group is highly supportive of the new guidelines. Group Technical Advisor, Stephen Parry, says, "We have long prioritised seafood sustainability with our 'Fish for Life' programme and so the adoption of a new AIPCE-wide collaborative approach on this issue is a very welcome development. The new guidelines give all major European seafood processors a shared tool and language for what constitutes 'responsible' sourcing which in turn creates a common platform to guide decisions and help processors collaborate more effectively as agents for change."

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