European Aquaculture Society and Aqua Nor organize international conference

May 4, 2011 15:08

The theme for this year's conference is «Upscaling Aquaculture systems, Optimising system size for enhanced productivity with environmental equilibrium", reports with reference to AquaNor.

The European Aquaculture Society (EAS) in cooperation with the Nor-Fishing Foundation, SINTEF and CREATE, organizes this forum, every second Aqua Nor in Trondheim. It provides a forum for science, industry, consumers and policy makers to review developments in the aquaculture sector and to discuss the key issues that affect those developments. The 2011 edition will focus one of the critical constraints to the development of aquaculture in Europe - notably access to sites with high and sustainable water quality to ensure high quality aquaculture products and limit the coastal impact. By up-scaling production systems an increase in productivity can be obtained for any specific site; but this must be compliant with legislation, fish welfare, husbandry and especially to the environmental impacts of increased production systems. Communications and discussions will discuss the applications of this concept to the following systems:

- Upscaling land-based systems: water treatment in large scale systems; faeces removal; growth retardation and cohort interaction and non-native fish for local markets).

- Upscaling marine cage production: cage and equipment design and monitoring of the biomass, including challenges in submergible cages; delivering feed and medication; farming intelligence and the ideal cage size).

- Upscaling the ecological approach to production: challenges to the up-scaling of IMTA operations; ecological feed issues on substitution for carnivorous species and the potential of seaweed culture).

More information and online registration (including hotel bookings) is now available on the EAS web site:

Further Information:
Press Officer Erik Hempel: Tel.: +47 908 41 124. E-mail:

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