April 13, 2010 11:00

 Eastern Fisheries Inc. announced the opening of a second factory in Zhuanghe, China. The facility is set to increase Eastern's sole and flounder production in response to growing customer demand and rising flatfish consumption, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Eastern Fisheries Inc.

Dalian Far Eastern Shores Seafood, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastern Fisheries, will manage the new factory as well as Eastern's existing Zhuanghe, China plant. Both will offer custom filleting, block and IQF freezing, and vacuum pack capabilities.

Eastern's quality-first approach begins in China with Dalian Far Eastern, which oversees flatfish filleting and freezing, and continues in the U.S., where Eastern Fisheries distributes finished products domestically and internationally.

Both China factories process four wild-caught Alaska flatfish species: yellowfin sole, rock sole, flathead sole, and Alaska plaice. Natural fillets are available skinless, boneless, or skin-on and can be individually or block frozen in many size options. Recent additions to the flatfish program include breaded fillets, battered strips, and 3-8 oz. plaice loins.

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