East Central and Southern Africa's aquaculture conference and exhibition 7 -9 July 2011

April 19, 2011 10:15

Theme: Aquaculture and Fish Production - Promoting the Fish sector contribution to poverty alleviation, food security, and regional economic development.

Vantage Technologies Limited, in partnership with Agriman Company, Israel under the auspice of the Ministry of Fisheries Development invites you to the upcoming Aquaculture and Fish production Conference and Trade Show & Exhibition, which will be held from 7th -9th July 2011 at Nairobi Safari Park Hotel, reports http://www.megafishnet.com/ with reference to Vantage Technologies.

This focused event covers the Fish industry in East and South Africa with special focus on the small farm holders Aquaculture and Fish production.

The Conference should enable The Kenya Ministry of Livestock,  Kenya  Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI), its partners, other stakeholders and experts to discuss and exchange ideas on how Aquaculture can be used to transform the Aquaculture ,Marine and the Fish industry in Kenya and the East ,Central and Southern region, provide a forum for presentation, demonstrations and exhibition of know-how, equipment and production systems.

The Conference will be the launching event for a new organization ESAAA (East & Southern African Aquaculture Association) to represent the region interests and development.

Up to 1,000 Business leaders, Policy makers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Development partners, Fish Co-operative leaders, researchers and Universities from across the World are expected to attend the conference at The Safari Park Hotel, in the outskirt of Nairobi.. Delegates are also expected in particular to come from Eastern, Central, and Southern African Countries in addition to India, Europe, Australia, Canada, Israel, USA, New Zealand, and the UK.

Targeted attendees are senior managers, directors, and C.E.Os from across the Aquaculture and Fishery sectors, in addition to policy makers from the region. The topics lined up are relevant to them and at the heart of the sectors competitiveness. In a broader sense discussion will cover topics such as this listed below among others:

  • Global and regional aquaculture status and trends review.
  • Fisheries policies and management plans at regional and national levels.
  • Enhancing the contribution of aquaculture to poverty alleviation, food security, and rural development.
  • Improving knowledge, information, R&D and regional cooperation in aquaculture.
  • New Opportunities brought about by ICT for the Aquaculture.
  • Responding to market demands and challenges: ensuring food safety and quality, economic viability and sectoral diversity.
  • Aquaculture and the environment.
  • Addressing human capital development and gender issues in aquaculture sector.
  • Fish production Technologies -workshops.
  • Steps in Practical Aquaculture- workshops.
  • Marine Culture Overview.
  • Aquaculture Business sectors
  • Aquaculture and nutrition.
  • Finance support for small holder farmers in establishing fish farms

For the first time, you have a conference dedicated especially on how this sector can be used to transform the industry in East, Central and South Africa and Africa at large to improve its competitiveness.

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