Dynamics of current catches of Russian fleets in nation's Far East Fisheries Basin as per 22 December 2010

December 23, 2010 09:54

In the period from 15 to 22 December 2010 dynamics of Russian catches in the Far East Fisheries Basin has been positive for most of the commercial species, reports www.megafishnet.com (www.fishnet.ru).


Fishing zoneCatch in 07-14.12.2010, metric tonsCatch in 15-22.12.2010, metric tons +/- metric tons
Arrowtooth flounderPacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific) 2,32,3
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific) 0,470,47
Arrowtooth flounder TOTAL  2,772,77
Atka mackerelKaraginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)2,0786,1784,1
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)353,2294,22-259
 Pacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)57,13129,4772,34
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific)161,85247,2185,36
Atka mackerel TOTAL 574,27557,07-17,2
Black halibutKamchatka-Kurile subarea (Northwest Pacific)11,4435,9724,53
 Karaginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific) 0,160,16
 North Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)42,8567,5124,66
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)0,15-0,15
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific) 2,222,22
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)0,04-0,04
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific)24,3822,9-1,48
Black halibut TOTAL 78,86128,7649,9
Blue king crabNorth Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)1440,0426,04
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)53,5823,55-30,03
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific) 7,647,64
Blue king crab TOTAL 67,5871,233,65
CodKamchatka-Kurile subarea (Northwest Pacific)92,7176,583,8
 Karaginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)17,6781,0663,39
 North Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific) 63,2663,26
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)212,97581,03368,06
 Pacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)142,29245,22102,93
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific)53,16251,83198,67
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)10,1312,142,01
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific)9,38172,02162,64
Cod TOTAL 538,31583,061044,76
Cod, longline fisheryKamchatka-Kurile subarea (Northwest Pacific)142,02152,7410,72
 Karaginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)164,5489,86-74,68
 North Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)2,76-2,76
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)39,418,83-30,58
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific)74,36162,4288,06
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)99,02178,9179,89
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific)12,0996,0984
Cod, longline fishery TOTAL 534,2688,85154,65
Flounder/PlaiceKamchatka-Kurile subarea (Northwest Pacific)260,85412,62151,77
 Karaginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)5,0346,1341,1
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)3,3854,7451,36
 Pacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)21,3257,8636,54
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific)75,2245,95170,75
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)36,2512,8-23,45
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific)369,46264,97-104,49
Flounder/Plaice TOTAL 771,491095,07323,58
Golden king crabNorth Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)90,3169,85-20,46
Golden king crab TOTAL 90,3169,85-20,46
GrenadierNorth Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)34,410,23-34,18
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)1,3347,8346,5
Grenadier TOTAL 35,7448,0612,32
Grey sea urchinPacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)119,57315,56195,99
Grey sea urchin TOTAL 119,57315,56195,99
HalibutPacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)0,080,07-0,01
 Pacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)4,8521,2116,36
Halibut TOTAL 4,9321,2816,35
HerringKaraginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)128,7349,76221,06
 North Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)7735,479880,932145,46
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)457,40,05-457,35
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific)157,1371,44-85,69
Herring TOTAL 8478,710302,181823,48
Herring PacificKaraginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)1059,05690,23-368,82
 North Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)8850,9711269,42418,43
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)264,68381,75117,07
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific)406,15620,07213,92
Herring Pacific TOTAL 10580,8512961,452380,6
Longfin thornyheadPacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)0,294,384,09
Longfin thornyhead TOTAL 0,294,384,09
Magister squidKaraginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)40,812,14-28,66
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)2,46-2,46
Magister squid TOTAL 43,2612,14-31,12
Ocean perchKaraginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)0,170,05-0,12
 North Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)0,110,210,1
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)18,3465,4247,08
 Pacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)1,354,833,48
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific) 1,991,99
Ocean perch TOTAL 19,9772,552,53
OctopusPacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)1,010,82-0,19
Octopus TOTAL 1,010,82-0,19
Other squidsPacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)9,5311,632,1
Other squids TOTAL 9,5311,632,1
Pink shrimp Pandalus borealisNorth Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)10,7640,6629,9
Pink shrimp Pandalus borealis TOTAL 10,7640,6629,9
PollockKamchatka-Kurile subarea (Northwest Pacific)3806,343018,08-788,26
 Karaginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)562,71618,7556,04
 North Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)5719,826964,741244,92
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)521,651245,25723,6
 Pacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)1407,18692,33-714,85
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific)1266,332250,44984,11
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)4766,215836,61070,39
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific)121,32877755,68
Pollock TOTAL 18171,5621503,193331,63
SauryPacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)80 -80
Saury TOTAL 80 -80
ScallopsPacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)0,7249,8849,16
Scallops TOTAL 0,7249,8849,16
SculpinsKaraginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)133,1985,88-47,31
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)2,6613,5810,92
 Pacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)86,72129,5442,82
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific)9,3320,3711,04
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)65,28148,3383,05
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific)8,228,119,9
Sculpins TOTAL 305,38425,8120,42
Sea cucumberPacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)89,8193,243,43
Sea cucumber TOTAL 89,8193,243,43
SkatesKaraginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)1,75 -1,75
 North Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)11,0621,2710,21
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)7,1629,4822,32
 Pacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)43,2963,8120,52
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific)1,58,426,92
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific) 5,345,34
Skates TOTAL 64,76128,3263,56
Snow crab bairdiKamchatka-Kurile subarea (Northwest Pacific)57,4566,479,02
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific)2,54-2,54
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)4,7-4,7
Snow crab bairdi TOTAL 64,6966,471,78
Snow crab opilioNorth Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)209,73176-33,73
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific)0,27-0,27
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)32,23119,5687,33
Snow crab opilio TOTAL 242,23295,5653,33
ThornyheadNorth Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)0,50,12-0,38
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)1,7170,7369,02
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific) 6,996,99
Thornyhead TOTAL 2,2177,8475,63
Wachna codKamchatka-Kurile subarea (Northwest Pacific)8,657,4348,83
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific) 0,10,1
 Pacific waters of the South Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)50,88115,1264,24
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific)0,1-0,1
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific)42,62131,6289
Wachna cod TOTAL 102,2304,27202,07
WhelksNorth Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)47,28 -47,28
Whelks TOTAL 47,28 -47,28
White halibutKamchatka-Kurile subarea (Northwest Pacific)2,643,941,3
 Karaginsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)6,825,28-1,54
 North Okhotsk subarea (Northwest Pacific)0,59-0,59
 Pacific waters of the North Kurile zone (Northwest Pacific)1,282,841,56
 Petropavlovsk-Komandor subarea (Northwest Pacific) 1,131,13
 West Bering Sea zone (Northwest Pacific)2,5623,0120,45
 West Kamchatka subarea (Northwest Pacific)0,641,630,99
White halibut TOTAL 14,5337,8323,3
GRAND TOTAL 41144,9950969,729824,73
Note: The table has been compiled by analysts of www.megafishnet.com from provisional figures of National Centre for Fishery Monitoring and Communication
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