Dramatic increases of Norwegian seafood export to Russia and other CIS countries

November 9, 2007 15:28
According to the Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC), a dramatic growth of Norwegian salmon export to the Eastern Europe markets was observed in October 2007. In a greater detail, it increased by 4,132 tonnes to 8,051 tonnes.

Russia remains the largest market for this product. Export to this country doubled and amounted to 5,869 tonnes in October 2007 (804 tonnes up on October 2006).

Ukraine imported 1393 tonnes of salmon in October 2007, 868 tonnes up.

Other countries, including Turkey, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Belarus also significantly increased import volumes of Norwegian salmon.

Overall figures

The export value of all seafood items to the Russian market in October 2007 increased by 310 million NOK or 100 per cent. It was mainly due to the great export growth of herring, salmon, mackerel and fjord trout.

Export to the Ukrainian market increased by 111 million NOK or 107 per cent. Positive changes were due to the increased supplies of herring, salmon, mackerel and fjord trout.

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