Domstein: results Q1 2011

May 12, 2011 11:17

The Group's operating revenues in Q1 2011 were MNOK 155.2 compared to MNOK 142.8 last year. EBITDA was MNOK 2.4 compared to MNOK 4.8 last year. EBIT was MNOK -1.0 compared to MNOK 1.4 last year and the total result was MNOK -3.8 compared to MNOK -9.4 last year, reports with reference to Domstein.

In the pro forma figures for 2010 the result from associated companies is revised where Norway Pelagic is removed and Domstein Eiendom included making the 2010 figures comparable to the 2011 figures.

The Group's balance sheet at March 31st was MNOK 485.0 compared to MNOK 642.2 last year. Book equity was MNOK 141.9. Excluding short-term bank deposits equity ratio was 31.3 %. Net interest bearing debt was MNOK 218.8 compared to MNOK 336.0 last year.

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