Domestic operations of Russia's leading seafood portal highly successful

December 20, 2010 12:35

Our domestic operations have been very successful as our fish portal has consolidated its leadership in Russia and CIS with 40460 unique visitors and 661151 hits in November 2010, according to LiveInternet,   said director of Russia-based FishNet ltd operating ( in English) Alexander Makarov.

As a result, we have sold out nearly the entire advertising space on and we have got practically all top Russian fish market players for our regular advertisers and/or subscribers to the Russian-language e-weekly.

Apart from the main page, the customers found very popular the text banners on the Price Current section and the fixed-place advertisements on the key-word sorted Trading Board.

As of 2011 we are also launching Gold and Silver Membership which, apart from Prestigious Presentation and respective insignia, will provide for priority listing in the product categories of the Seafood Directory, in the keywords on the Trading board and in all filter categories on the Price Current page.

Russia's leading importer and distributor the Russian Fish Company has already purchased the Gold Membership and this innovation is also a very good tool for our foreign customers to introduce themselves to Russia's seafood business community.

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