Diversify to make better use of resources

January 13, 2011 11:00

As the UK's leading fish brand, Young's has long supported the use of a wider variety of fish. Diversification can help to reduce the supply pressure on more popular species - as well as helping people find out just what a fantastic and flexible food fish really is, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Findus Group.

As part of its Fish for LIfe approach, Young's has often been first to introduce alternative fish species to the UK. We were the first to make a product with MSC certified hoki (in 2000); and also pioneered the first products made with responsibly farmed basa, in 2007. Alternative white fish species now make up as much as 60% of all the fish we use.

Managing director, Leendert den Hollander, says, "Although of course changing supply factors play a part, we've always been especially motivated by Fish for Life to try and shift the emphasis away from those species particularly affected by overfishing.

"Because the British are so fond of fish like cod and haddock, much of the change to date has been about substituting one kind of white fish for another. However we're always looking to offer new species in our products and - helped by TV chefs and cookery programmes - we think it's possible to continue the diversification trend and get people also to enjoy a much wider variety of fish at home, just as they already do when eating out in restaurants."

Restaurateur Mitch Tonks agrees. "There is so much interest and variety out there and people seem to have no trouble trying different seafood when they're on holiday or eating out. As fish specialists both Young's and I believe that - provided we create products with the right level of taste, quality and convenience - people will also be happy to put a wider variety of fish in their shopping baskets to eat at home."

And of course - whatever fish you choose from Young's or Findus - it always comes with the reassurance that it has been sourced sustainably under the rigorous criteria of our Fish for Life programme.

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