Direct connection to the ERP system

January 13, 2011 14:48

Product orders from RapidTrade are transferred automatically into Marine Harvest Pieters' ERP system, giving them a complete real time overview of upcoming purchase orders and changes, reports with reference to Valka.

Marine Harvest Pieters in Belgium has implemented Valka's automatic ERP connection to their RapidTrade system. Implementation went well and the feature has already improved their procurement and reception process. Marine Harvest has found the direct ERP connectivity to be a great benefit, enabling them to maintain a full real time overview of planned purchase orders and the resulting expected raw materials inventory.

Efficiency in the procurement process
Marine Harvest Pieters is part of the Marine Harvest Group. The company sources raw materials from different suppliers, processing mainly salmon and whitefish for foodservice and retail distribution. The company has been using the RapidTrade system for several years and is very happy with the system. Early this year they implemented the automatic ERP connection which has saved them both time and money.

Simple and secure system
"We installed the automatic RapidTrade connection to our ERP system several months ago and it is functioning very well. "Our employees are happy with how simple it is to use," says Matthias Smagghe, IT analyst and application engineer with Marine Harvest Pieters in Belgium. "The system makes it possible to automatically create purchase orders into our ERP system. To be able to link the expected incoming goods directly to customer orders as soon as possible has simplified the entire process for us."

Saves time and resources
RapidTrade is designed to increase efficiency for both raw material producers and procurement companies that source fish from around the world. Fish processors gain a complete processing overview and can control and monitor order information and the entire packing process.

Companies like Marine Harvest Pieter's, which acquire raw material from different suppliers, gain a real time overview of ordering and the exact packing status at their partners' processing facilities. Connecting procurement and customer orders directly to raw material availability and packing and shipping status at partner sites is an enormous benefit for Marine Harvest Pieters.

"One of RapidTrade's best features is the system's usability," says Smagghe. "The system has worked really well and our people are very satisfied with how simple the interface is. The most complex procedures are achieved with only two clicks, and using the system is a breeze."

Invoice information direct to the ERP system
According to Smagghe, the system saves both time and money as the data is more reliable and the information is available in real time. "The automatic connection to our ERP system has simplified all our order communication, packing and invoicing. We save time and are able to keep our stock position accurate. All orders go automatically into the ERP system along with procurement prices," Smagghe explains. "The direct link between raw material receiving and product delivery eliminates unnecessary data entry. Invoicing data is transferred to our accounting system in a fully automatic billing procedure. The invoice process is much quicker and simpler and we have a much better overview of the current stock and our invoices."

Accurate status of current packing
Before, the status of orders and deliveries where registered at the end of the day making the process more labour intensive and not as accurate. Today, all orders are registered into the RapidTrade system by the purchase department in Belgium as soon as there is a clear view on what raw material is needed and in what quantities. From there it goes directly to their raw material processors in Iceland or at other locations. Marine Harvest can follow the status of orders from the suppliers in real time; see whether there are enough raw materials and how the packing process is progressing.

Quick response to change
"Now we enter our customer orders into the system with the online interface and orders are immediately accessible in the system at our partner site in Iceland," says Smagghe. "They pack according to the order and can easily let us know if they have enough raw material for us or if we need to adjust our order and get the material from elsewhere. All orders go directly into our ERP system. Invoicing and transport documents are then easy to process based on the direct, accurate real time information from the RapidTrade system." The system also provides Marine Harvest with additional information about packing as well as making the reception process far more efficient than before.

Complete overview of raw material supply, inventory status and orders
"It is of critical importance for us to be able to have a completely accurate overview of our inventory and purchase order status at least three days in advance. The Rapid Trade ERP connection enables us to do just that," says Smagghe. "We now have the status of incoming orders, raw material packing, stock, delivery and invoicing at our fingertips. We've also been very happy with the cooperation with Valka. The team has worked really well together and everything we have needed has been solved quickly."

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