Dining room chatter changes ways for Regal salmon servings

September 7, 2010 15:24

Marlborough poster child Regal King Salmon has won another award - this time it's for the research project behind the way salmon is presented to shoppers, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to New Zealand King Salmon.

The programme by Athena Marketing Research for NZ King Salmon gleaned qualitative information from focus groups in household dining rooms.

It has won the consumer products division of the Market Research Effectiveness Awards. The judges described it as "a very brave and innovative research project that helped New Zealand King Salmon to crack the code required for both brand and category growth".

The evolution began in 2007 and NZ King Salmon marketing manager Stephen Gibson says the data gathered has shaped the way salmon is served in New Zealand.

"Flash back to a few years ago and most salmon in the supermarket was a slab. Nowadays in the cooler you'll find pastrami, kebabs, fresh cuts, cold smoked, wood roasted - the list goes on.

"A key driver of that sea-change has been the research done in household dining rooms around the country."

Athena Marketing Research director Leonie Lander says to gain insights in to consumer behaviour it's important to be part of their world.

"It's not effective just to invite them in to the researcher's alien environment. It is about using two eyes, two ears and one mouth, letting consumers take the researcher on a journey - and not keeping the client secret from them if you want them to participate in their solution.

"We ran only six sessions - four dinners, a lunch and a cocktail and nibbles session. But when participants feel their contribution is really valued their casual remarks or the way they handle things can give you vital insights," Ms Lander says.

"I mentioned in my off-the-cuff award address that it has taken a gutsy client to adopt such an innovative approach. But if people had been watching TV recently they would have seen the results - as consumers see them - in Regal Fresh Cuts."

The Market Research Effectiveness Awards are organised by the Market Research Society of New Zealand and were presented in Auckland last Friday (Sept. 3)

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