December Russian Fish Report highlights great business and political prospects

December 21, 2007 15:55

The December RFR published on 19 December 2007 on our site is reflecting great business and political developments now in the making in the country.

More details are available in the contents as below:


President signs Law to implement mandatory clearance of high-seas catch, ten year quota shares and long-term salmon concessions
Russia's fisheries to get 50 billion rubles of annual soft loans
Fish ports to go under umbrella of State Fisheries Committee
Federation Council seconded changes of resource fees
Decreased resource fees to result into increasing catches of low margin species
Russia's Association of Alaska Pollock Fishermen comes closer to sustainable fishing
European Union and Russia tightening control of IUU fishery
Promising future for Russia and Japan in fishery and seafood trade

Russians delay switch to pelagic imports from Russia-approved Norwegian plants
Seafood export/import permits 2008 favoring big importers
Russian vets circulated updated list of Russia-approved Norwegian salmon and trout exporters
Rosselkhoznadzor completed inspection of Argentinean plants
Russian veterinary inspectors rejecting consignment of Danish shrimps
Russian vets seize containers of tainted tuna from Thailand

Overview of freshfrozen fish market of Saint Petersburg and other regions as per mid-December 2007
Five Russian ports to host fish markets for export and domestic sales
Frozen fish market situation in Murmansk as per 18 December 2007
Frozen fish market situation in Murmansk as per 11 December 2007
Frozen fish market situation in Murmansk as per 4 December 2007
Frozen fish market situation in Murmansk as per 27 November 2007
Frozen fish market situation in Murmansk as per 20 November 2007
Frozen fish market situation in Murmansk as per 13 November 2007
Growing wealth of Russian population results into increasing consumption of seafood snacks
Russian traders forecasting trends of pink salmon prices
Consumers changing shrimp preferences
Outlook of Norwegian seafood exports to Russia in 2007
Russia has emerged as one of major suppliers of fishery products to Korea
Belarus reporting positive statistics of seafood output
New developments in Russian imports of pangasius
Russian exports of freshwater fish fillets to Netherland and Poland
Mixed trends in German and French imports of Russian pollock fillets

Fishery outlook for December 2007 in the Russian Far East
Fishery overview in the seas of the Russian Far East in November 2007
Scientists forecast large runs of salmons in Kamchatka in 2008
Bleak outlook for red king crab fishery in West Kamchatka

NEAFC outlines Russia's mackerel quota 2008
Outlook for Russian quota of blue whiting for the year 2008
Russian herring quota 2008 in the Northeast Atlantic agreed
Outlook for Russian fisheries in the North Atlantic in December 2007
Russian fisheries in North Atlantic and Central Eastern Atlantic in November 2007
Russian fisheries in North Atlantic and Central Eastern Atlantic on 8-15 November 2007

TURNIF Fishery Factory expands export business
EU-approved Russian processor planning further boost of sales onto overseas market
State Fishing Corporation to be launched in 2008
Big deal to airlift Norwegian fresh seafood to Moscow and Saint Petersburg
Russian Sea conducting promotion campaigns in Saint Petersburg
Russia's leading seafood group secures credit lines to boost business
Saint-Petersburg-based processor investing into modernisation
Seafood deli supplier improves service for restaurants and retailers
Big investment project to boost output of kelp salads and convenience products
Big boost of turnover of Saint-Petersburg-based leading value-added processor
Сanned fish products won Choice of the Year 2007 Award
New fish plant in Taranay (Sakhalin) to process 2,000 tonnes per day
Murmansk Marine Fish Port boosting turnover thanks to flexible charges
Big boost for Nakhodka fish port capital
Sakhalin port to host wholesale fish exchange and special economic zone
Five seafood firms listed in largest company rating
Belarus-based processor and importer investing 3.5 million dollars to modernize production

Large Belarusian processor puts hot fish burger on the market
Nakhodka based company has launched "Aqualunch" fish sausage
Lightly smoked capelin roe brought Gold Sign Award to value-added producer
Saint Petersburg businessman patented new packaging for fresh fish storage

United Shipbuilding Corporation reports official registration

Russia turns spotlight on aquaculture future
Salmon ranching plant increasing releases of chum juveniles
Komi Republic completing aquaculture and fishery development program
Producer of pike, carp and catfish to double output
Fish international: More companies introduce MSC/ organic products

APPENDIX 1: Fairs & Exhibitions
APPENDIX 2: List of Norwegian fish processing plants approved for export of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout to the Russian Federation and their Russian importers
APPENDIX 3: Catches of Russian fishing companies in January-November 2007

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