Cumbrian Seafoods Joins Ethical Data Exchange

November 25, 2010 10:57

A leading seafood provider committed to ethical trading is taking additional steps to ensure its suppliers comply to its exacting standards, reports with reference to Cumbrian Seafoods.

Cumbrian Seafoods, the largest independent supplier of seafood to the UK's supermarkets, prides itself on only selling products which can be traced from sustainable sources and which are ethically farmed.

In a bid to ensure a visible and ethical supply chain, the company is now asking all of their suppliers to register with the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX).

SEDEX is an international organisation for businesses who are "committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance of their supply chains", giving them the opportunity to use the organisation's secure database to store and share information including self-assessment, audit reports and corrective action reports and status.

Members can then easily get access to vital information about their supply chain in a clear and transparent way.

Cumbrian Seafoods asked its suppliers to sign up to SEDEX and is delighted with the response their request received.

"All of our suppliers have signed up, "said Huw Thomas, the company's technical director.

"They have agreed to complete a questionnaire and share their information, which will help us to ascertain if they meet our ethical standards."

"As a company which upholds ethical trading we feel it is very much our moral obligation to ensure that we can easily see that our suppliers are adhering to the same standards."

Carmel Giblin, General Manager of Sedex, said "Cumbrian Seafoods understands the importance of knowing what's happening in your supply chain. Through using the secure Sedex system Cumbrian Seafoods is able to track supplier activity and identify any potential ethical issues whilst driving improvements enabled by the transparency provided."

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