Culimer B.V.: Slipper Lobster Tails (HLSO)

February 8, 2011 11:06

Culimer is adding a new product to its product range. Slipper Lobster, also known as flathead lobster is caught in Vietnam between November and February, reports with reference to Culimer.

The tails are supplied in 1 kg bags and are available in two sizes: 50-110 gr and sizes over 110gr. The product is available now.

Culimer's slipper lobster - also known as flathead lobster -  is wild caught by trawl in the Vietnamese waters between February and November. Under the brand name Toppy these tails are offered in 1 kg bags into two different sizes;

50 - 110 grams and sizes over 110 grams.

Slipper lobster tails are easy to cook and will therefore be appreciated by both professional chefs and consumers. The preferred cooking method is steaming, boiling or baking.

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