Course of Norwegian fisheries week 39

October 11, 2010 16:29

Significant increase in the catches of Norwegian spring herring but the mackerel fisheries somewhat reduces due to bad weather. Some horsemackerel is caught and 300 tonnes of ocean sprat, reports with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag.

Norwegian Spring herring:
Significant catches this week with a total of 47 500 tonnes at an average price og NOK 3,07 per kilo ( reported numbers).

Vessels from other countries have caught about 4 000 tonnes and coastel vessels/ SUK's about 3 000 tonnes. The purse seiners and larger coastal vessels are operating about 130-150 nautical miles north of Andenes.

Four vessels had caches in the International economic sone, but the herring disappeared and the vessels headed north. The average size for the herring in the Iclandic zone was good at about 385-395 grams.

Two vessels are heading for landings in Denmark.

After we set a new record for catches in one day last Sunday the fishery has been reduced a lot this week. Many vessels have filled their quotas but also bad weather has hampered the fishery.

Total catches last week was 19 600 tonnes with almost all of it caught in the EU zone. 6 300 tonnes came from foreign vessels.

The average price based on reported catches was NOK 9,49 for the week.

Horse mackerel
This week saw catches of just under 1 000 tonnes total. The separate catches were small, between 10 to 140 tonnes and the fishery has mainly taken place around Smøla.

Average price for the week was NOK 5,71 

Industrial fishery
This week had reported catches of total 1 350 tonnes. 200 tonnes bluw whiting, 800 tonnes Norway pout and about 300 tonnes ocean sprat.

Coastal sprat
Only 6 catches for a total of 75 tonnes reported in. The catching area is now in Sognefjorden and the size of the sprat is good, averaging 86 to 102 pcs per kilo.

North Sea herring
Very little activity for this fishery. Only 7 catches for a total of 155 tonnes from coastal vessels.

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