Course of Norwegian fisheries in week 5

February 7, 2011 14:46

Bad weather hampered fishing for both herring and for the capelin fisheries near Iceland, however, we saw the season's first catch of capelin from the Barents Sea, reports with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag.

Atlanto-Scandic Herring

The weather has hampered the herring fisheries, both in the HElgeland area and further south in the areas west of Møre. Total catches were 26 300 tonnes, of that 7 600 from the coastal vesselsand 13 100 from purse seiners.

In addition, foreign trawlers caught 5 600 tonnes.  Despite the reduction In quantity, prices have been holding up and on Sunday we saw a new season's best at NOK 5,21. The average price for the week was NOK 4,80.

"Manon" was the first vessel that caught herring outside Møre, 650 tonnes total on Thursday.. A foreign vessel had catches from the same area later that day. Bad weather then kicked in and first on Sunday did we see more catches from a coastal vessel and five foreign vessels outside Buagrunnen and further southwest.
From the northerly area of Vesterålen only 40 tonnes were caught.

Capelin from the Barenta Sea
"Svanaug Elise" had the honour of being first boat with capelin from the Barents Sea this winter.  1 450 tonnes was the total from the area of N 71°21' and E 41°23'. The capelin will be delivered for fishmeal and fishoil. The quality is reported good, about 37-38 pcs mixed per kilo. Roe maturity was around 9%.
The vessels reported lots of fish in the area and 5-6 other Norwegian vessels are on their way.

Jan Mayen / Iceland capelin
Bad weather affected operations for the two Norwegian vessels remaining in that fishery at the start of the week but it got better towards the end and the vessels were back at it.
1 700 tonnes were reported caught and only one of the vessels still have a small rest-quota left.

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